Oct 29, 2012


This past week I have been very busy working on restoring a couple of pieces into fabulous treasures.  We find our items in many different places and are always scouting furniture needing some love.  Well, let's just say that I see the beauty where the Mr. may not always.  :)
This one piece came from a customer who called about some items she had.  I almost didn't take it, but knew that I could do something with it. Though, with the veneer in the shape it was, I wasn't so sure.

So, as I stood back and stared, paced around it, pulled up a chair and sipped coffee, I finally had the vision!  I had just received my first order of milk paint and decided that this is the piece to try it on!  I quickly whipped up a batch of Lucketts Green and painted away.
Look at the sweet bird pulls I found at one of my most favorite places on earth, Class and Trash!  The perfect final touch!!
  This was my first experience with milk paint, and I found it really fun to work with.  Overall, I love the way this dresser turned out! 

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