Nov 19, 2012

My first time being a vendor - ever!

I did it!!  I did my first show!!  With the help of my good friend and "seasoned" show vendor, Helen of Mossy Cottage, I actually did it!  We were part of the Barnyard Junkies' Vintage Holiday Market in Ashland, Virginia. 

The bench sold!  It was very bittersweet.....if it didn't sell, it was coming home with me.  My hubby said that he will build me another.  :)

I did come home with this beauty, but I don't think it will stay long....

It was definitely a learning experience, but I did well.  It was great meeting new people and doing some networking.  I have some tweaking to do, but will I do another?  Most definitely!

Nov 6, 2012

To move or not to move...

That is the question.  Well, I FINALLY answered my own question and am VERY happy about the decision.  Yes, we are going to close our Bowling Green shop and move it back to Fredericksburg! 
We are actually going back to the place we were before....R&R Antiques!  Located at the corner of William and Caroline Streets, it has anything and everything for the collector and beyond!

This has been a hard decision, but there are so many reasons why I chose to move.  First and foremost, business is slow.  We are in a very small town with virtually no foot traffic.  Don't get me wrong, I have some great customers, but of course they don't need to shop in there everyday.  I've also learned that having your own shop is almost a 24-7 venture.  To sell, you have to buy.  To buy, you have to go out for many hours.  When you are stuck running the daily dealings of a store, you lose "valuable" time that could otherwise be used for hunting for treasures.  Your one day "off"  is then spent buying stuff to bring back to sell - not to mention if it needs cleaning, painting, etc.!  My house has definitely suffered! I used to commute four hours per day with an 8+ hour work day, and I think I had more personal time than I do now.  :)

Bottom line, I want my life back to do what really makes me happy!  So, I am moving back to my old stomping grounds in Fredericksburg and I couldn't be happier!!  I will be in an antique mall where I only need to maintain my space on the schedule that I chose and pay rent.  Yay!  I can finally get creative and inspired again! 
Here's our new space.  Still has some things in it from my dear friend and owner, but I can start moving in! 

One thing for sure....our refrigerator and food closet will be full again...dinner will be cooked and the house will be clean!!  Who wouldn't be happy with that combo!

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