Apr 26, 2013

For the Love of Burlap

This was one of my purchases at an auction about a month ago....and my husband thought I was just plain nuts!  It obviously had been sitting in someone's shed for years and there was a lot of veneer damage....and was just nasty.
The top was actually the worst.  The veneer was separating and there was plenty of mildew.  But it didn't scare me....oh NO!

This past week, I took it out of the pile and started taking off a lot of the veneer.  Luckily, it had been exposed to the elements for so long that it came off really easy.  The old varnish on the drawers was really brittle, so it didn't take any time to sand those down.  The dresser was in fact, a very sturdy piece.

At first, I stained the drawers and planned to keep them natural....but no matter what I did, it never looked right with any color I added (and this baby was painted three times).  I believe that because I am such a symmetrical freak, it had to do with the fact that the left top drawer had a straight grain and the others were curvy.  That just never looked right to me....
Before you start yelling at me about why I didn't refinish the entire piece...I just want to say that if I could have, I definitely would have.  I love oak.  However, I had to strip so much veneer off that it just wouldn't look right.  The secondary wood is not oak and doing veneer is beyond my ability...at the moment....

So, I finally painted the entire piece a sage green (after creamy white and milk paint).  I loved the green, but it just looked ho-hum.  Then, Mr. SC came up with a fabulous idea.  BURLAP!  I had to think about it, but I got really excited at the thought. 
I searched Pinterest...but didn't really see a lot on the subject.  My main concern was what to use to adhere it.  Well, Modge Podge is always a good start!
I slathered the Modge Podge over the drawer and placed the a pre-cut piece of burlap.

The Modge Podge worked great and the end result is THIS!

I did the side panels, too (this picture makes it look more gray than the color is....)

I refinished and put back on the original knobs.

I think the end result has a Modern Farm Chic Caribbean look to it.  What a mix, huh?  I adore it and it may not make it out of the house....
Now, for my staff of the day...my little helper, Molly, was just not in the mood....
and her brother decided to hunt, instead.
You just can't find good help these days.
Enjoy this beautiful weather and have a fabulous weekend!
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Apr 14, 2013

The "No Longer Junk" Pile

Yes, the pile grew, but I finished almost everything in the "before" picture from my previous post....with the exception of the chair and the stool.  I have something really special planned for the chair, and I need to get some paint for the stool. 
So, here was the before:

Now, the after!

The pew was given a fresh coat of paint, the cabinet doors made into really cool chalkboards and the lantern was turned into a hanging planter.  The planter chairs are just two of the lot I have - all in fun colors - and fresh plants will be included.  I may add a little something to the small table....
We live on a main road, and I was afraid that passersby would think I was having a yard sale during the "photo shoot".  :)  All pictured will be part of our load going to the Lucketts Annual Spring Market next month!

I still have more piles waiting....and more BEAUTIFUL weather this week. Woohoo!!

Apr 12, 2013

The "Blue Jasper" Dresser

Well, I haven't completed everything from the previous posting on the "junk pile", but I couldn't resist pulling this beauty out of another pile to work on first.  Self discipline can be a problem with me... 

This is how she started out...boring brown wood.  NOT the nice graining that I wouldn't dare paint over, but more like a plywood look to me.  The drawers are solid oak with this not-so-special veneer.

Oh, yes....she needed help.
I custom mixed paint to make this pale blue.  I used MyColor paint in Blue Haze and White.
I gave her several coats of the blue then dry-brushed the details in white.  Doesn't the end result remind you of Wedgewood Blue Jasper?
Finally, a couple of coats of clear wax gave her the final glow.  Top knobs were replaced with these sweet porcelain ones.  Original knobs were given a quick swipe with blue and white paint.
I'm thinking this is my favorite project so far.
Of course, none of this would have been possible without the assistance of my side-kick, Molly.
Unfortunately, she was more interested in getting to know the kitty on the other side than helping me out. :)
**The dresser will be heading to the Lucketts Annual Spring Market May 18-19!  Stop by to say hello if you come!**
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Apr 10, 2013

In the beginning.....there was a "junk" pile

Boy, this weather has been WONDERFUL!  I think we've skipped Spring and have gone straight into Summer.  Well, until this weekend, anyway, when the temps will drop a little.
I have been so busy working on my Lucketts stash that I haven't had time to do any of the social media thing.  I have several piles, but this is the one I am working on now. 

I am so excited to show the "after" pics on this lot.  The pew is finished and I am now working on the doors and stool.  The chair may have to take a backseat for a short period until I find the perfect material to cover it with.  I really want to do something special.
I've also pulled out a dresser that I couldn't wait to do.  That should be finished by tomorrow.  I also painted some cute little seatless chairs in fun colors.  Wait until you see what they will become!
So, keep watching!!  I hope to have something to show you by this weekend....I know I have at least one more GORGEOUS day this week to work on things outside, and work on the tan. ;)

Apr 7, 2013

A Beautiful Day in Our Nation's Capital.

We are lucky in that we are a short distance away from Washington, DC.  This weekend was part of the Cherry Blossom Festival, but unfortunately, the blossoms were not in bloom just yet.  However, it was still a beautiful day and so much beauty was present.

Enjoy the pictures!

The weeping cherry trees were gorgeous!

The WWII Memorial


Mama and her ducklings in the Refecting Pool

The Lincoln Memorial


The Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool from the Lincoln Memorial.  I can't help but be reminded of the scene from Forrest Gump when I see this.

My son-in-law and grandsons looking from the Lincoln Memorial.

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum


The Capitol Building

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History 

The Hope Diamond.

I love this picture!  Not for the mummy, but my grandson's reflection as he is trying to figure this out.

The Castle

Washington is a beautiful city and one day is not enough to take it all in.  Also, I HIGHLY recommend taking the Metro into the city...parking can be very difficult. 

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