Apr 14, 2013

The "No Longer Junk" Pile

Yes, the pile grew, but I finished almost everything in the "before" picture from my previous post....with the exception of the chair and the stool.  I have something really special planned for the chair, and I need to get some paint for the stool. 
So, here was the before:

Now, the after!

The pew was given a fresh coat of paint, the cabinet doors made into really cool chalkboards and the lantern was turned into a hanging planter.  The planter chairs are just two of the lot I have - all in fun colors - and fresh plants will be included.  I may add a little something to the small table....
We live on a main road, and I was afraid that passersby would think I was having a yard sale during the "photo shoot".  :)  All pictured will be part of our load going to the Lucketts Annual Spring Market next month!

I still have more piles waiting....and more BEAUTIFUL weather this week. Woohoo!!

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