Jun 24, 2013

Hi, Honey...I'm Home!

I feel like I have been going full speed for the last month and a half with virtually no stopping.  There has been so much going on that neither of us has been able to slow down.  I actually feel extra sorry for Dean since he has a full-time job that demands so much of his time -  yet, he has been there supporting me with the past two shows, moving the shop and helping out at Deep Creek Vintage.  Not to mention the hours we had to spend at our rental property miles away getting it ready to sell.  No one could ask for a better husband!
I love this man....

Now that the dust has settled, what do I want to do with my now free time?  I want to work on our house.  I have spent so much time getting things ready for the shows and the new location that our house has suffered.  I want to decorate!  I want to go through every room and redesign and freshen up!  I want to do more to the yard!  I want to run through the fields and twirl around while wearing my flowing white dress!
Photo:  Pinterest

Well, anyway...back to reality.  I have a lot I want to do and I plan to share my projects with you as they come along.  I honestly don't know which room I want to start, but it may have to be my spare bedroom/office.  I think my life needs some serious organization, and that room is the hub of it all...but I want it to look pretty.  No before picture, yet....I need to straighten it up before I take any! It became a storage space after we closed the store and it's a mess.  The front porch needs painting...but rain is in the forecast all week....darn. 
It's just nice to have no where to go, a list of things to get done around the house and time to do them. And, ummmm, perhaps catch up on a few soaps.... I'm even planning to have a real home-cooked meal tonight!  The local Arby's will miss me this evening.....
Yes, tomorrow I will tackle the office.....may the force be with me!


  1. Such a cute post, and as a new follower and customer of yours, I truly appreciate the fruits of all your labor! Can't wait til July 1st. I'm marking the days off on the calendar. Have fun & post pics!

  2. Great Post! Enjoy :) Changing the subject...... Can I ask how you were able to get the transfer onto the tea cart you re-finished? I would love to do the same to the new table we picked up in Branson! Any help would be appreciated :) Thanks!

    1. That one, I think I used the freezer paper method. What I do is attach a sheet of freezer paper (slick side up) over cardstock (spraying adhesive to attach) and triming to the size of the cardstock -- then print the mirrored image (transfer method) through the laser jet printer I have. After it's printed, I quickly lay it down where I want it and use a credit card to smooth out. Just be careful it doesn't slip while you are doing this. Slowly pull back. If you want it darker, you can let it dry a bit, then use a paint pen or small paint brush to fill in. I used a black paint pin and lightly went over it. You can also use wax paper the same way.


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