Jul 18, 2013

I've been lost....but now I'm found!

Yes, I have been MIA lately, but I took a much needed break from pretty much everything while I crawled into my cocoon, including doing anything new for the shop.  The last few months were crazy busy and I really needed a break.  Shame on me....but I am feeling so rejuvenated now! 
I think I finally got my Mojo back from Dr. Evil.....
Yesterday, after a trip to the shop to bring more things in, I stopped at a local thrift shop and found this amazing dresser!!

As soon as I saw it, I ran to it HOPING it hadn't been sold yet.  I've missed so many great pieces by being too late.  YAY!  It was still available!  So, after paying for it, I gave a great show to everyone when I had to pull everything out of my Explorer to fit this in, then cram everything back in.  I had a big pile of stuff as my front passenger, but I got it home!

 I highly do not recommend driving like this!
I have something in mind for it....and I want to keep as much of the wood showing as I can.  The top needs some work, including stripping off the veneer - so I will have to do some painting on it.

YES, I feel the excitement coming back!  This one will be very sophisticated with just a touch of masculinity when I'm done.  Fortunately, and unfortunately, we'll be on vacation next week and it'll have to wait until I get back.
Everyone needs a little break once in a while....and I'm so glad that I took one.  No doubt, being burned out is very bad for the soul...and the creative mind.

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