Aug 18, 2013

Another Trash to Treasure Story

 I'm always so happy when I find a good sturdy piece of furniture during my hunts!  This one is no exception.  Dating back to the 1950s, this piece is solid and heavy!  The drawers even work great, which is always a bonus with older furniture.

Normally, I love mahogany....and my house has a LOT of mahogany furniture.  However, this one really couldn't be refinished since I had to do some filler work.  Plus, it's mostly mahogany veneer, so I really have no guilt about making this a willing subject to my paint brush.
As always, what color?  With the clean lines and stately shape, I first thought black.  But, I haven't done a white piece in a very long Navajo White (Benjamin Moore) it became!
The pulls were pretty rough, so I gave them a quick spray with Rustoleum primer and Oil-Rubbed Bronze spray paint.
I sanded the top, put on several coats of mahogany stain and topped it off with several coats of wax.  How gorgeous is this??  The sheen that wax gives is nothing like the polys and lacquers.  Just look at the glow!

It's now available for sale in our room at Deep Creek Vintage!

If that little round oak table doesn't sell soon, it too will get a makeover! :)

Yep....I think it looks pretty good in it's new attire!
'til next time!


  1. Gorgeous! You always do such an amazing job. Now, I just wish I had a bigger house that I could buy more of your makeovers!

  2. Susan,
    What a beautiful piece-I love the mix of paint and stain-I am visiting from Cozy Little House and welcome to the blog world!
    Happy Hugs,


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