Aug 12, 2013

From Brass to Bronze - Updating the Outdated

Welcome to Make it Happen Monday!

I am ashamed....very ashamed.  I spend so much time on my projects for resale, that I don't spend a lot of time decorating and updating my home.  I have some beautiful antiques throughout the house (of which only one is painted!), but there is a lot of room for tweaking and refreshing.  Our master bathroom is no exception.

I REALLY need to paint the's painted in a boring neutral color.  It isn't that bad, but I really do want to make it a retreat - something in the pale blues.  However, painting will have to wait until it gets a little cooler, but in the meantime....the brassy fixtures have got to go!  The towel racks, TP holder, robe and curtain 

Remember when brass was in?  I vaguely do....but I obviously bought into it and I'm sure these fixtures were not cheap.


Oil bronze is all the rage these days, so I went on the hunt for some - but the prices are quite outrageous. Then, while browsing the paint aisle at Lowe's (which I do VERY often)....I spotted it!!  Valspar Rubbed Oil Bronze spray paint!  I have seen on the "Design on a Dime" type shows where they will paint instead of buy I figured...what the heck??
Down they came and I started the prepping.  I gave them each a sanding with some fine grit and primed with spray primer.  I used Rustoleum black.
So, once again I failed at taking pictures during the process....but one thing I do recommend that I did not do, is let them cure at least overnight before you put them back up.  Also, there can be some scratching and chipping when putting the screws back in, so make sure to have a little bit of the paint on hand.  I sprayed mine on a paper towel and used a little brush to touch up. 
I did learn something....spray paint will melt Styrofoam....never woulda thought it.

Much better!

Even close up, it looks like the "real" thing!

I am by no means a good photographer...pulling lighting into a bathroom is not an easy thing when there are no outlets.  I hope you can get a good idea of how good this actually looks!

More reveal of the bathroom as we start pulling it together.  I'm thinking new wood floors, beadboard paneling, new chandelier, new tiling around the tub, etc. etc......Dean's not going to be happy. :)

At least for now, the brass is history, and I made it happen.

'Til next time!


  1. These look awesome. You are so creative. Wanna come help me finish my bathroom?

    1. Your bathroom is gorgeous! I need to get mine done first....but you don't need my help. :) I need to find someone to tile...I love how yours turned out!

  2. I, too, can't believe that brass was ever in vogue, but I do remember when it was. Most folks would have just taken down and thrown the old fixtures away. You did a great job painting them. If I find old and ugly fixtures at garage sales, I will definitely be looking at them with a new eye now.


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