Sep 19, 2013

Here's Your Sign - Farm Fresh Style

My surgery this past Friday put a huge damper on my project schedule both before and after.  For weeks, the pain I was having was affecting how much I could get done for the shop.  Even though my mind had plans, my body did not want to follow there my big projects still wait.
Fast forward...less than a week after surgery.  I now have just a little pain (no medicine today - YAY!)  However, I have lots of stitches and a girdle thingy, so I still can't lift anything for several weeks.
I had planned on doing a lot of sewing during the healing time, but there is a lot of bending around involved....I never really noticed that before....  My backup plan was to paint signs and that's what I've been doing.  I used to do custom signs in the store before we moved, but I haven't done any for a while - and I really had forgotten how much I loved doing them.

The theme I decided to go with in this batch is "Farm Fresh".  I love anything farm related...cows, pigs, name it!  There is something about fall that seems to bring the farm genre into decorating.

This one was inspired by Miss Mustard Seed's Dairy sign.  Perhaps not to her caliber, but I still like it!

My first try at painting apples....not too bad.....

I love using old castoff wood and scraps for signs.  Some of these are old pallet boards, while others are your standard Lowe's bought.  Especially with the farm theme, I feel that the rougher the wood, the better.

These will be heading to our room at Deep Creek Vintage tomorrow along with other goodies!  Now off to finish the "Peaches" sign!

'Til next time!

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  1. So glad that you are feeling better. The signs are wonderful! You really did a terrific job on them.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Thank you! I am feeling so much better and I think I'm all fixed now. These were fun to do - even though I was "under the influence" of some pretty strong pain meds. I'm glad the words were spelled correctly! :)

  3. Your signs look great! I can't believe they're all hand painted by you!


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