Nov 13, 2013

Lucketts Holiday Open House and Winter Outdoor Market

We were so honored to be part of the Annual Lucketts Holiday Open House and Outdoor Winter Market this past Friday thru Sunday.  We participated in the Spring Market, but this was their first Holiday outdoor market and it was AWESOME!!

The weather mostly cooperated with us this time.  Luckily, it didn't rain like it did in May, but we had to deal with some really strong wind gusts throughout the weekend.  The tent was secured very tightly, so we were lucky in being able to keep it up.  However, the smalls had to be tucked in corners which prevented me from displaying the tent exactly how I wanted it....but we got it all in there.  On the upside, the sun shined a lot, and I came home with sun and wind burn!  Nice coloring for this time of year. :)
 By Saturday evening, our tent was practically empty and we brought the trailer home to load with more things to sell!  Luckily, we have another show on the heels of this one, so I "stole" from that stash.  Good news is, almost all of that load sold, too....bad news is, I have to get more things ready for next weekend.  Looks like a lot more sleepless nights!
I was able to get a few pictures this time...
On the road Thursday morning.  Rain and more rain!
Set up was cold and wet!
Morning of the first day of the sale!

The bench and Santa cans were the hottest topics!  We still have the bench, but that's o.k.  This is one piece that we put a higher price on because it was custom built and Dean put a LOT of time in this one.  I'm happy with keeping it if we have to. :)
The Santa cans sold. Tomorrow's blog will be on these!

When I had a chance, I walked around and took a couple of pictures.  My cell phone must have been too cold, because most of them did not turn out..

These were a couple of my favorites...lots of cool stuff!

I only got to go in the Design House once and it was beyond breathtaking!  It was so beautiful!  It was also very crowded and I didn't feel comfortable taking pictures.  You can see more at The Old Lucketts Store website here.  I understand that the lines got up to an hour long!

Apart from the cold and wind, and a constant crick in my neck (still), it was an overwhelmingly excellent weekend!  I can't wait for the Spring!!
'Til next time!

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