Nov 12, 2013

Ooh La La - The French Gray China Cabinet

Posting to the blog has taken a backseat lately while I was getting ready for the greatest outdoor market ever, The Lucketts Holiday Open House and Winter Outdoor Market! Almost every waking hour for the last two weeks (which there were many as I had serious sleep deprivation) was spent painting, sewing and crafting. More on the Market tomorrow!
One of the pieces that I had for the show was this really sweet china cabinet.  Before anyone gets was actually painted to look like dark wood (not original, I'm pretty sure).  A very nice and heavy piece made by Berkey and Gay, it appeared to be a blonde wood on the outside originally.  I actually got the hubby's blessing to paint it, so that in itself should prove that it needed some love with color. :)

The quality of this before picture is bad.  Once again, I was so anxious to get started that I didn't take a before shot....this is from the auctioneer's website...but hopefully you get the idea of what it looked like in the beginning.
So anyway, as always, I went back and forth about color.  I had used the Real Milk Paint Company French Gray milk paint on other pieces and decided that this would be another good candidate. 
So, it began...
Ohhhhh.....I love this color!!
After letting it sit overnight for the chipping to finish (and after having to re-do the side fluting due to too much chipping), I trimmed out the details in white acrylic paint.  That was the icing on the cake!
I added a little more white on the drawer trim and the dots above the legs - then lightly sanded the entire piece to smooth out the chipping and tone down the white a bit.
I had originally planned to paint the inside a white....but wow...I actually loved how the dark wood pops against this color!  I couldn't do it.
I gave it a few of coats of clear wax....and voila!
It sold on the first day of the market and the new owner, Jennifer, sent me this picture after it was settled into it's new home.  Simply GORGEOUS!!
I loved it before, but it's absolutely stunning in it's new home.  Seeing it all dressed up almost makes me wish that I had kept it.  Heavy sigh...  :)  Oh well....I can't keep 'em all!
'Til next time!


  1. Oh...That is simply lovely!! It's not a surprise it sold the first day!!

    1. Thank you! She told me that she had been looking forever for the right piece, and it was definitely right place/right time!

  2. That is stunning! What a transformation...and a treat to see where it now lives!

    1. Thank you! I love when customers send me follow-up! I knew it would pretty...but she made it fabulous!

  3. It turned out wonderful. And yes you picked the right color. Funny how we aren't sure until it is finished. It looks like it has a wonderful home now too! Bonus!

    1. Thank you so much! A little husband suggested the color in the first place...and he was right! :)


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