Nov 14, 2013

Super Easy Santa Milk Cans!

I made one of these for the shop last year, and didn't even take a picture!  However, the "twins" got their time in the spotlight this year.
These are super cute and I ran across the idea somewhere on the internet.  I tried like crazy to find it this year and never could...not even on Pinterest - so I had to re-create from memory. 

They are so simple to make!  Just paint your milk cans red (I used barn's not as bright and I think more useable throughout the year). 

For the belt, I used some black grosgrain ribbon cut to size with a little overlap. For the buckle, I cut out the shape I wanted from an iron-on patch (but you can use any stiff fabric).  I then cut two slits the size of the ribbon and fed the ribbon through.  A few glue dots to attach, and I was done!   A real belt is also an option - I just used what I had on hand.  Plus, I think this version shows up better from a distance, especially if displayed on a front porch.

The best thing about these is that the Santa accessories are totally removable and the cans can be used in any décor all year.  How about some wings for Valentine's Day?

'Til next time!

1 comment:

  1. So cute. You are so creative. Looking forward to seeing you next weekend!


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