Dec 15, 2013

A Vintage Frame of Mind Holiday Market

Whew.....we did it!  We finished out the holiday season!  I hate to say it...but I am Christmas'd out and it's not even here, yet!  If I see another Poinsettia pillow...well....I may just scream.  Many, many hours are put into these shows, and just as many late/sleepless nights.  I finally feel like I can breathe...however, there is no question...I still love doing it all!
The last show of the year, A Vintage Frame of Mind, was held in Courtland, Virginia.  It is so much fun to meet up with new friends and fellow vendors! 
Here I am with two of my favorites!  Tony from Feathernesters (and one of the fabulous duo that put on The Vintage Home Market in Richmond) and Libbie from Rusticity Décor, also in Richmond. I'm the chipmunk in the middle. :)

Here are some pictures from around the show.
Our booth:

Our neighbor, Marley Ungaro Designs.

The infamous Miss Flibbertigibbet!


Another big-time favorite...Dylan (with his wonder family!) of The Upcycled Cupboard!  Even though he did steal my chocolates! ;)


And....the Feathernester's booth!


Now time to focus on the important, home, Christmas shopping and celebrating!

A special THANK YOU to Kim Metcalf and her family for putting this show on!  It was a lot of fun!!
'til next time!

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