Mar 1, 2014

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.....

We've been super busy buying new inventory over the last month filling the new spaces, backfilling inventory that has sold and getting ready for the Vintage Home Market and Lucketts Spring Market in May.  Not a bad thing at all!  During our rounds, we usually run across some pieces that just don't bring a lot of interest, usually making the final prices a bargain.  This is the story of one of them...good bones, bad finish, and well....not so pretty.
This is what it looks like now....
but, this is how we bought it.

This desk has an interesting history...discovered when I pulled out the drawers while painting.  It had definitely seen much better days; however, refinishing was not on the table this time.  Though very well constructed, I'm not a huge fan of the pine and oak woods used.  So, what's a girl to do?  Paint it, of course!
It was missing some trim as you see in the picture, but I really liked the center accent and it gave me a place to add more color. I chose gray as the base, using white on the design.  I decided to do no distressing or dark wax detailing, because I loved the clean look with the simple lines.  Replacing the knobs with heavy black metal ones seemed to bring it more into a formal look.
 I debated on whether or not to paint the inside of the desk area, but honestly, with the history I discovered on this piece, I left this little bit of the original alone, adding just a little beeswax polishing. There are some carvings and scribbling which I thought made it super sweet.  Of course, I will always be happy to paint if the buyer wishes. :)
On to the really cool discovery I made!  Take a look at what is written underneath the bottom drawer!
How special was this??  I'm sure Dr. Woodson was so proud of his work and I can only imagine that his grandson loved his gift.  Yes, he would probably be very upset with me for painting his masterpiece....for that, I'm sorry.  My curiosity got the best of me, so I did a little research on Dr. Woodson.  It turns out that he was a prominent Virginia physician, owned and operated a water powered grist mill in Nelson County and also served as a Virginia State Senator for five terms!  How this desk ended up on the auction block, I really don't know.
After being one of those pieces at the auction that no one really wanted, I think it now looks refreshed and updated.  Their loss was our gain!
Available now in our room at Deep Creek Vintage.
'til next time!  


  1. How cool! What a neat discovery!

  2. That is so awesome to find that!! Very cool knowing the history of the piece.


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