Apr 28, 2014

Rustic Chic Farm Coffee Table

We've all had it...the "uh-oh, why did I buy that" moment.  I actually bought this century old table for the top only.  Of course, I thought I could find the perfect legs to replace the lopsided cut-off ones it had, but I had no idea how expensive the chunky oak ones can cost.  So, there it sat in the garage for a couple of months just holding boxes. 

While I was hunting for items to take to the upcoming shows, I took another long hard look at it.  I knew that it could be turned into something....plus I REALLY needed to get it out of the garage.
Thanks to my wonderful and talented husband, he was able to cut the legs down level and to a coffee table height.  How perfect?
I sanded and stained the top, then finished with poly for durability.  The base was painted in milk paint and distressed to show the gorgeous detail that I fell in love with.  I still need to wax the apron and legs, but wanted to take pictures in the sun before I brought it in.  The wax will bring it out even more.
See those beautiful pressed designs?
This table would be perfect in a coastal, shabby, French or farmhouse chic room.  It is so rustic and cute!

Love those legs!

If the new owner wants to convert it back into a dining table, it can be easily done with the right legs.  However, I think this makes the perfect family room entertainment zone!
This will also be available at The Vintage Home Market next weekend!

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