Aug 17, 2014

This Little Gentlemen's Wardrobe of Mine....

I've just made it shine!  I came across this sweet, unique small wardrobe and immediately knew what I wanted to do with it. 
Not extremely impressive at first, but it had great bones and adorable cottage details.  Just look at what a couple of coats of paint made!
Distressed to show off the curves...
...and a great bird pull make it anything but masculine now.
The inside also receive a bit of a makeover.
The back was given a new burlap covered bulletin board to cover a hole that we believe allowed it  to house a TV at one time, and the bottom got a little floral.  I left the inside of the door unpainted to show off part of it's past.  Look at this....
How cute!  I always love to leave just a tad bit of the original (the eyes to the soul).
It's now in our booth at Through the Garden Gate Antiques!  This would be so great in a little girl's room or even in an entryway, kitchen or mudroom!  It has the rods to hang clothing on and room for so much storage!  I almost kept it as a broom closet in our kitchen.  If it doesn't sell soon, that may be where it ends up. :)
Come see us and so many other new finds in our booths!  We've been working hard this summer and so much more to come!
'til next time!

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