Nov 11, 2014

2014 Lucketts Holiday Open House and Market Review

I am the bone!  Dean and I just finished a weekend as an outdoor vendor at the Lucketts Holiday Open House and Market.  It was cold and very windy on Friday and Saturday, making for excitement when we thought the tents were going to blow away and tales of broken tables, china cabinets and other things crashing circulated throughout the market.  We lucked out, but not without a few scary moments.  This wasn't our first run-in with annoying weather during an open air market, and this just may be our last.  You can never predict the rain or wind months ahead of time, and it never ceases to cause some problems.  

Nonetheless - we had a great time and had good sales.  Sunday ended up being gorgeous and warm and the crowds were steady all day.  There is just a special feeling of being a part of Lucketts that is unsurpassed and makes the hard work and patience worth it.  This year, we decided to travel back and forth from home each day, a 2 1/2 hour drive each way adding to the dedication we had.

We snapped a few pictures of our display early on.  We normally have more along the sides, but the wind was whipping too hard to chance it.  I think it still looked quite nice.  :)

The birdhouse was one of my favorites and it sold the first day.  Very unique!

I love these trees made by Dean and they also sold the first well as both of the sleds.  I didn't get a picture of that sweet tricycle in the background, but it also left on Friday. 

This was the first big sale we made!  Also constructed by Dean from an old Victorian settee that we bought in pieces.  Now, it has a chic, hip modern feel!  It was staged much nicer in the beginning, but some of the fluff had already sold. 

More handmade goodies!  

The bed sold and the desk will be heading to the shop this week.

By the last day, we were looking bare.

We always make time to goof off a little!

It is just so much fun spending the weekend with wonderful people and friends new and old. :)

Next stop....The Vintage Home Market in Richmond, Virginia Nov 22 & 23!  Thankfully, that is an indoor show and just a short drive from home! :)

'til next time!


  1. You guys are always so cute & fun. Looks like a great booth. I'm hoping to make it to the RVA show and see you both!


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