Feb 14, 2015

Mr. and Mrs. Burlap Pillows and Sign

I thought it appropriate on Valentine's Day to share a project of love.  When I posted my silhouette project here, I received several comments about the pillows.  They are handmade and very simple to make.

I love working with burlap, and our straight up formal (sigh) bedroom needed some texture and fun.

I know it seems I have them backwards, but they are each placed on our respective sleeping sides and under our silhouettes.  I lost that battle years ago.

There are many different stencils available for purchase around, but I made my own for these.  I used Word and "Alex Brush" at 400 for the lettering on card stock and carved the letters out with my X-Acto knife.

I made very simple covers to fit the 12 x 12 pillow forms.  No zippers or envelopes for these since I can only sew very basic projects (but I'm getting better!).  After a little bit of pouncing on black fabric paint with a stiff stencil brush on the front piece, I sewed them up.

The stencils are reusable a few more times, so I took advantage and made this sign to hang on our fireplace.

I actually hand-painted this by tracing the stencil then filling in with white acrylic paint using an artist's brush.  I personally like this method better for signs.

Wouldn't both of these projects be adorable for a wedding?  Best part is that they can be customized with anything as long as you have a computer and a little bit of patience.

'til next time!

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