Mar 14, 2015

My Birthday and a New Member of the Family

This has been such a good weekend so far!  Yesterday was my birthday.  My last birthday in my 40s.  How is that possible?  I sure don't feel like I'm almost 50.

I spent yesterday having a wonderful lunch with a dear friend in Alexandria, going to our youngest grandson's last basketball game of the season and having dinner with the family at Pino's.  Oh, and Dean and I also went and picked up three dressers and a nightstand from an auction.  Oh, yeah!  :)

Today was another special day.  Though this isn't a birthday present for me, we adopted a very sweet black lab from a local animal shelter.  Practically all of our pets over the years have been rescues.  It is such an amazing experience to see how much they truly appreciate it and the return they give is beyond amazing. Shelby (we named her in honor of the Shelby Mustang) was a stray and had to endure the the bitter cold for a while before they brought her to the shelter.

We can tell that she was from a home, but who could have done that?  It's so sad.  She came off of stray hold today, and we woke up extra early on a Saturday morning to get there when they opened.  It didn't take but a few short minutes after meeting her to know she was coming home with us.  She's getting to know the cats and I think they are all going to get along just fine!

Shelby's first trip to PetSmart.  Can you see that smile?

She has an appointment to get spayed on Thursday and I'm really nervous about putting her through surgery...but I know it needs to be done.  There are too many unwanted animals in this world and we all should take a step in stopping that.

I have a feeling that she will bring us many years of happiness and I hope that she feels the same about us!

'til next time!


  1. Happy Birthday to you! Your new buddy is adorable . . . I have a furry friend also called Shelby that we have had for the past year.

    1. Thank you! She is amazing! The Animal Shelter advertised her as timid and kind of thought that would be a problem. She is such a good and well mannered (except for sneaking down to the cat's food) :). I almost hate to say it, but it's almost like we have back our dog that we lost over a year ago at age 15. Almost everything she does, CoCo did. It's helping ease the pain that's still there. My husband is an die hard Ford/Mustang man, and the name really fits her. :)


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