Apr 6, 2015

A New Dresser Project and An Update On Our New Dog

Boy, have I've been busy!  With Lucketts right around the corner and working on inventory for the shop, my days have been long.  No doubt, though....that's the way I like it.

I'm ashamed to say that I haven't put a whole lot of stuff together for the Market next month because the shop has been getting most of what I've done thus far.  Luckily, I hit the jackpot in my hunts last week and now have a good pile to work on!  It's just a little over a month away and I seriously need to get moving.

Go here for more information on the Market!  They've added an extra day this year - Friday will be a VIP Early Buying Day!

We picked up this piece a couple of weeks ago and it may or may not make it to the show...depending on whether the shop will need it first.  I'm so excited about it - and those carvings!

I've decided to paint it with Miss Mustard Seed's Shutter Grey and Ironstone on the details. I can't wait to see how it turns out!  IF the overall condition was perfect and the veneer was good, I would have definitely refinished this piece.  Since it has some issues, I will be painting it.  But, have no fear.... I'm confident it will be gorgeous. :)

Another thing that has been filling my time, and driving me a little crazy in general, is our new dog, Shelby.  I seriously love her, but being a 1 1/2 year old Black Lab, she's still a puppy,  Very energetic and needy to some extent.  We are working with her and she's making great progress, but my being able to get everything done around the house is on hold for now...  Needless to say that I'm super excited about our backyard fence we're getting next week - where she'll have a safe place to play while Mommy works.

If you ever have a doubt that shelter dogs greatly appreciate a second chance, I would love to share with you the change in our baby in just a few weeks.  The left pictures show when she was first brought to the shelter after being a caught stray, and the right side are pictures that I took last week.  The color differences are mainly because of the weather (cloudy on the left and beautiful and sunny on the right).  She was REALLY dirty when we brought her home and after a good bath, she shined up like a new penny.

But look at the difference in her face and overall demeanor.  The shelter kept referring to her as timid, and reiterated that fact when we went to meet her like it was a problem.  She fooled them all and turned out to be such a sweet and very smart dog.  She was just so scared.

I really should be doing taxes tonight...but instead, Shelby and I are going to do a little painting....

'til next time!


  1. She's darling and looks so much more confident and happier now. :)

    1. She is!! It was a tough decision to get another dog again....but I am so glad that we did!! She is so funny and just loves to be loved. :)

  2. I love the story about your shelter dog! She is beautiful!! How lucky she is to have you for Mommy! That dresser is seriously gorgeous.

    1. Thank you!! She is a joy to have....but I really can't wait to get that fence. ;) The dresser is turning out really pretty....I can't wait to share it!

  3. We rescued a dog too and found him a good home, too, and the changes in his demeanor were amazing. If you'd like to see the before and after, here's the link: http://livingvintageco.com/2014/08/our-life-in-pictures/.

    Thank you so much for rescuing your sweet dog!


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