Apr 22, 2015

A Plantation Desk Revival

I love Goodwill....and I'm not ashamed to admit it!  I can find some great stuff there...and at the same time, know that my purchases are helping a good cause.  A definite win-win situation!

This is one of those finds.  I almost walked out without it, but changed my mind....knowing I'd be kicking myself for a long time.  It's an old handmade plantation desk or preacher's stand made of pine.

I'll start with the after....

But, this is how it looked before...

It was a really weird orange-red.  I thought about keeping it this color and simply distressing it, but the orangeness of the pine just didn't give it enough contrast.  Plus, I tried to envision what it would actually be used for today and the first thing that popped in my mind was a guest book stand for a wedding.  So, I opted to paint it one of my favorite Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint colors, Shutter Gray.  

I went right over the old paint and sanded it back, giving a pop of red through the gray.

I decided to leave a little of the original and left the inside it's natural pine, just as the previous painter did.

I believe that refinishing it to the natural wood would have been absolutely gorgeous, but I do love this color....and I really don't like stripping paint....

Another piece ready for the Lucketts Spring Market!

Miss Shelby decided, as always, that she wanted to be the center of attention during the shoot....but I couldn't resist taking a few of her, too. :)   Her belly hair still has not grown back from her spay surgery a month ago...but, she loves to have it rubbed, anyway!  Spoiled rotten.

'til next time!

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