Apr 21, 2015

Props, Lucketts Spring Market Early Bird Shopping and Baseball Season

Yes, I'm still here!  I've had to take a little break over the last week to catch my breath and to help a friend of mine with her daughter's photo shoot.  She's a sweet girl getting into the Photography business and I was asked if I could help with providing some furniture props for her portfolio session over the weekend.  I had to rush to get several things ready and spent last week gathering, painting and reupholstering a pair of chairs.  The chairs aren't quite finished, yet...but I think they looked good for the shoot.  I'll be sharing them soon..once I get them fitted with all the bells and whistles.

Here's a sneak peek of her shoot.

I'm also extremely busy gathering inventory for the Lucketts Spring Market that's just a few weeks away.  I have found some amazing things and am so anxious to share with you!  The weather looks like it's going to be beautiful this week, so no excuses.

In case you missed it, they added an extra day this year.  Want to come to the VIP Early Buying Day?  Click below and get your ticket.  $40.00 for the opportunity to get the best picks of the show!

With all of this going on, BASEBALL SEASON IS HERE!!  When our daughter was growing up, this was always our favorite time of the year.  Melissa was big into Little League, then on to High School Softball (being pulled up from JV to Varsity in her Freshman year).  She pitched all five years - the only pitcher for most of them.  When she graduated years ago, there was such a void every spring....until her sons started playing.  Our oldest grandson (13 years old) is proving to be an outstanding player and has already been recognized nationally!  So...needless to say, Dean and shift our priorities to go where the games are.  He's in 7th grade now, and plays on two teams and the schedules can be a little hectic.  

He plays all positions, but here he is pitching....just like his Mommy. :)

Not to leave out the youngest grandson (8 years old), he decided that Baseball was not his thing, so Soccer it is!  This is a new sport for us, but we're learning and he is so adorable out there.  The boy LOVES to run, so this is the perfect sport for him - and he is getting some serious skills!  His first game of the season is this Saturday!

Back on schedule....I am working on some pieces today and will share with you the after of this "beauty" very soon!

Enjoy this lovely weather and I'll share more very soon!

'til next time!

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