Aug 19, 2015

We Are Moving Right Along With the New Shop!

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind!  By looking from the outside of the building, it looks like nothing is happening.  However, we've been busy cleaning and painting, as well as getting permits, insurance, signs, display pieces and lots and lots...and lots of new inventory (all currently stored in our house and garage)!  Technically, our lease doesn't start until Sep 1, but the landlords have been kind enough to allow us access to get things ready for the big move in.  Because of this, we are on schedule to open on Saturday, Sep 5th!

For the most part, the building is very nice!!  However, the kitchen was the one room that needed some TLC.  It has been very neglected over the years with very worn cabinets and dirty floors.  I had the ancient stove removed which created more floor and wall space.  I'll be hand scrubbing the floors tomorrow to try to get the grout a little cleaner, then shine them up with my favorite floor product.

With my hubby standing there in this "before" picture, you can see how HUGE this space is and it will be a great retail area with lots of natural light! What you see is just half of the room.  See the cabinets to the left?  Yuck.  See the two cabinets to the right behind him? They are FABULOUS!  Possibly original to the home.  I will only be cleaning them up and use them for display (they are movable!!)

I got permission to paint the cabinets and went to it!  The white really make them look so much cleaner.  I still plan to do some tile work and will be heading to Hobby Lobby tomorrow for some cute knobs.

Not a great picture....but it is SO much better!!  The doors do close...the paint was still wet when I snapped the picture.  

I'm making curtains out of ticking for the window and the french doors.  I can't believe that I haven't taken pictures of those gorgeous doors from the inside, yet...but here they are from the covered deck.  

A glass panel was installed on the outside and we are debating on whether to have it removed and stored in the basement.  On one hand, we can open it to the outside and not use the common door to go out to the deck - which will be our main access route to the basement - but, on the other, this does add some security...

That mantel on the wall behind Dean is actually the original to this fireplace in the middle room.  Pine shelf mantel....not so pretty.

We took down this makeshift mantel and hung the old one its place.  I have some nail hole patching and painting to do...but believe me when I say it looks like it's supposed to now.  Pictures coming soon of that project.

We are getting there!!  The floors in the basement are supposed to be professionally cleaned, so until then, I'm holding off on doing anything down there for right now.  It will then become our storage area, more retail space and classroom.  I hope to have it all done by the 5th, but if not....soon after!

Bit by bit, it's coming together!

'til next time!

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  1. Susan things are looking great and coming together wonderfully it looks like. I know you will be glad when it's all done! Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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