Feb 14, 2016

Sometimes, You Just Need to Look Past the Ugly....

Many, many times I will buy the most ugliest piece at auction - then be amused by the looks I get as I proudly walk out with my "prize".  I am not scared of ugly.  As long as the bones and structure are good, I can make almost anything pretty again.

Enter this....uhh....beauty.  Yes, I am sure it was adorable in a child's room back in the day, but not today.  Not ever in this state again.  I could tell by the style without touching it that it was most likely mahogany....and it is!  VERY sturdy and nice clean lines.  SCORE!

I have been trying out all of the Miss Mustard Seed colors, and a new favorite of mine is Dried Lavender.  I absolutely adore the smokey purple color.  I've painted a few pieces with it, but nothing of this size, so I was anxious to make this my lavender beauty.

I kept it simple.  I just painted over the white gloss paint by using bonding agent in the mix on the first layer.  I was very happy that it stuck really well and gave it the uniform look I wanted.  One more coat and then I distressed it back a bit to expose some white to keep it from being too solid.  Finished it off with a couple of coats of wax and Voila!  No more kid's room dresser.

I opted for crystal knobs to keep it as simple as possible, but also because I had them in my stash.  I really didn't want anything to compete with the color. 

Then, I lined the drawers with this really pretty wallpaper I had picked up at a local Goodwill a while back.  So pretty!  I love Goodwill.

We are still in the slower months and weather hasn't helped, but we've been busy sprucing up and bringing in some new things as pieces go out.  Here are a few pics from around the shop this week.


A really cool vintage oak teacher's desk and chair.  I painted the bottom part of the desk with MMSMP in Tricycle and left the top and chair wood.  I may do something with the chair, though.

My first piece in Farmhouse White!  This table turned out so farmhouse perfect! I seriously LOVE how milk paint enhances the imperfections of a piece!  See how the veneer is gone from the bottom exposing the planks used in making the table?  How perfect for this look!

I've been custom making "Grocery" signs and more to come.

I tend to decorate more in Seasons as opposed to Holidays.  However, there were a few signs of Valentine's Day around the shop.

We do love our vintage typewriters!  You can almost always find one or two at the shop.

As I sit here typing, it's SNOWING again.....ugh.  I am so anxious for Spring - and all the decorating I get to do with it!

'til next time!

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  1. Enjoyed looking at all your pretties. Loved how the color came out on the dresser. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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