Jan 24, 2013

The Color that is French Enamel

I must say that I went outside of my comfort zone a bit with my latest project.  I generally stick to lighter colors, but I was so drawn to Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in French Enamel.  The blue comes out quite vibrant. 

I've had this 1970ish dry sink for a while waiting for the lightbulb to go off. 

I finally pulled it inside from the FREEZING garage to do something with it....and there staring at me from my paint stash was this blue....so, off I went.

As usual, I get so involved in the job that I don't take pictures during the process...I'll have to talk my hubby into doing it for me (with me doing the final editing!! )

The paint went on rather smoothly. After applying a second coat after about 30 minutes or so, I let it sit overnight for a good chipping experience.  Let me add that overnight for me is from about 3:00 - 8:30 a.m....sleep is not my friend!

As soon as I got up, I grabbed my sanding sponge and went to it!  I put on a couple of coats of clear wax and she is done!

I love how the copper liner pops against the blue!

We took this to the shop over the weekend and as we were bringing it in, my other MMS piece was going out!  :) 

Have I said lately that I love this paint? 

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Jan 22, 2013

My Sweet Silhouette Chairs

My mind is always spinning thinking about new ideas to be crafty.  So much so that I often find myself still awake at 3:00 am "researching" the internet for ideas.  One of my most favorite sites is The Graphics Fairy.  This is THE place to find wonderful graphics in every imaginable subject and the possibilities are endless!  I daydream (or nightdream) about different and unique ways I can use her goods.
Enter this project that I have been trying to get off the ground.  I've had a pair of these chairs sitting in my office for months while I tried to figure out what I wanted to do with them. 

I had previously painted these in chalk paint and covered them in the fabric you see on the seat.  They were o.k. - but not the fun I wanted them to be.  So, I tore off the fancy fabric and recovered the bottom with drop cloth.  I loved the way the white popped.
 I knew I wanted to add something to the back...so, I went to my favorite source....the Graphics Fairy, of course!  Initially, I had planned to put a chandelier graphic on them, but it just didn't seem right.  Then I thought about a crown...but no.  When I spotted these ADORABLE silhouette images, I knew these were it! 
I cut the fabric to size, ironed with a non-starch stiffener, and transferred the images with the wax paper method.  I didn't take pictures of this step, but there is so much info on the internet on different ways to transfer.  For this project, I wanted the rough, aged look as opposed to the crisp look when using transfer paper.
I attached the fabric with upholstery nails and glued on the gimp.  I first tried the nailhead look, but it really didn't look good, so I took them off and left the trim clean. 


I must admit that I really like the way they turned out!  I think they would be adorable on either side of a fireplace, foyer or even a master suite.  No matter where they are placed, they will always look so sweet looking towards one another.  :)
Happy Crafting!

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Jan 9, 2013

Gotta know when NOT to paint 'em

Once in a while, I'll get grief over some of my painted pieces.  For those of you that paint furniture, you know what I am talking about.  "I can't believe that you painted over that beautiful wood!".  I've heard it a few times - the below was no exception.  

The before picture (bottom right) makes it look like it's in great condition - but, it really wasn't.  The finish was messed up all over.  It sat in the shop for almost a year with basically no interest - so, it was time for a facelift.  I used to refinish a lot of furniture, but putting my hands in all those chemicals is not something I like to do anymore. Paint is so much easier.  I had recently read about a paint that I was anxious to use...Modern Masters metallic paint - and it is wonderful!  This vanity was done in Warm Silver.

Painting is a passion of mine, but there are times when I surprise myself.  My latest big "score" is one of those times.  I purchased these wonderful bentwood chairs thinking they were going to get the "up-dos". 

Look at the seat!

When I did the research on the old paper labels, I found that they are authentic Thonet chairs (imported from Astra Bentwood Furniture Company, Czechoslovakia), and there was no way I could do that to them. Not to mention that I got 17 of these chairs!!!  The only issue with them, beside a few cracked seats, was paint splatter.  I spent all day cleaning them and they look marvelous!  Plus, they are very sturdy!  MAJOR score!


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