Feb 15, 2013

We're Going to be Vendors at the Lucketts Spring Antique Market!

First off, I must get better about blogging!  Since we closed the store, I've been wandering around in a fog, but I am happy to say that the fog is finally lifting!  I am learning how to deal with my time and getting the things done that I have wanted to for several years.  It's taken me some time, but I think the "mourning" period is finally over.  The shop is doing great at it's new location at R&R Antiques, so I can't be anything but happy!

Another push is that we just found out that we are going to be vendors at the infamous Lucketts Spring Antique Market!  Excited does not even touch how I feel right now!  The best of the best show here and to be even the smallest part of it is such an honor.  I can only hope that I can measure up even a tad. 

My hubs and I went last year for the first time.  Talking about having a pure adrenaline rush.  Everywhere you look is the most beautiful sight!  The talent of the vendors is amazing, not to mention being at the most fabulous antique store in the state of Virginia!  The Old Lucketts Store is a feast in itself.  Three levels of amazing finds, and the Design House.....WOW!!  I love this place and could get lost for hours on a regular day.  During the market weekend, the grounds transform into a candyland for antique and design enthusiasts. 

A glimpse of last year's.

From Miss Mustard Seed's booth....hello!  :)

May is just a few months away, and I almost feel guilty sitting here at 1:00 in the morning typing and not getting something ready to go!  I have my work cut out for me and it is the best feeling in the world!

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Feb 14, 2013

When you buy a lemon....make lemonade!

We've all done it....bought that one thing at auction that you thought was a great buy, then quickly realized that you messed up.  That's what happened with this little dresser.  We had arrived at the auction a little late and didn't get to look around freely beforehand.  This dresser came up and she looked so adorable from where I was sitting that I HAD to have her.  Well....at closer inspection after I won the bid, she was a MESS!   Of course, she had the cutest applique on the top drawer, but that was it.  There were some bad, bad veneer issues.  At any case, we bought her....and she had to come home with us.  I couldn't take her to the shop as she was, and this was during the time that I worked full-time and didn't have the time, or energy, to do her justice.  So, there she sat in our guest bedroom holding old VHS tapes.... Yes, that's how long we had her! 

Finally, this past weekend, I talked my hubby into helping me bring her down.  It was time. 

So, here she stood....after I did a little patchwork. 

Really, it needed all the veneer stripped off and sanded, but I let her sit for a day so that I could study her.  Instead of taking all the character off, I decided to embrace her "curves".  I first painted her white....but, it didn't talk to me.

Then I painted her this gorgeous Blue Haze.  As I painted, it just clicked.  I dry-brushed the white over the blue to highlight the bumps and lumps.  I wanted it to look like she had been sitting by the sea for years....weathered and a little salty. 

I gave her a little distressing and of couple of coats of wax.

I saved the pulls by giving them a quick coat of the same blue and highlighted with some white.  Then sprayed with clear coat. 

The top knobs were found at Hobby Lobby.  Love them!!

She is an acquired taste, but all in all.....I think she is stunning!


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