Mar 8, 2013

My Sweet Molly

This post has absolutely nothing to do with furniture or painting, but about something that has been on my mind a lot lately.  It's about my "little" fluffy girl, Molly.

Miss Molly came to live with us on my birthday in March 2001.  We had just lost my pretty boy, Rocky, and I am one that always has to have a cat around.  So, for my birthday, I decided that the only thing I wanted was a kitten.

My husband, being the best one in the world, took me to PetSmart to personally pick out the perfect gift!  As we walked through the area with the cages, only one sweet kitty came forward to say "hello".  That face stole my heart immediately!  She was not a kitten, but a full grown beautiful muted Torti Persian estimated to be around five years old.  I did not hesitate and we filled out the paperwork and left with our (my) new fur baby!

I've had many cats throughout my life, but never one for this long and I have grown so attached to her - especially since she came to our home soon after our real baby girl had left for college.  She's my snuggle bunny, talker and clown.  I seriously believe that she is developed beyond the average domestic cat and has a real language! :)  She definitely knows how to ask for what she wants.  Cute to me, very annoying to the hubby.

This past August, Molly started showing signs of pain in her hind leg.  After tests from the vet, we found out it was bone cancer.  As one option, Dr. Debbie did surgery in September and removed most of the tumor.  The healing time was slow and obviously painful, but she is so much better now!  The cancer is still there, but as of today, she shows no sign of pain.  We do have the option for amputation....but I am so torn about that decision. Right now, she seems very happy and, I think it's best to leave it in God's hands.  Dr. Debbie says she is doing remarkably well and could potentially live for a few more line with her old age.  She still loves to run and play, especially with any paper that makes noise or a balled up paper towel.

When you bring a pet into your home, you know it will not live a human's life span and you always have to remind yourself of that.  However, I feel so lucky and blessed to have had her this long and just hope she has a happy and pain-free year or two.  She is getting nothing by LOTS of love. 

I know that I will have to say goodbye in the not-so-distant future, but for now, I am enjoying every second I have with her - and I thank God for every day that He leaves her here with me. 


  1. This is a lovely story!! My cat, Prissy, that I also picked out at Pet Smart and adopted, passed away about a month ago after having her for 9 years. She, also, was not a kitten, but full grown and two of her kittens were there too, but, she won my heart and is now missed very much! My other kitty, Bella, is my Ragdoll and she is adored just as much! Your Molly is precious; I love the pictures of her. I pray for God's healing of her bone cancer!!

    1. Thank you so much! I just love cats, and every one that I've had have all had different personalities...they are such a joy! I also had a Prissy many years ago, and I still miss her to this day. We do have another cat, but he's a Tom cat in every sense of the word and not a very loveable boy. He's still my little man, though. :)

      I'm so sorry for your loss and I hope that God is easing your pain. They always take a little of your heart when they go...


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