May 5, 2013

The "Wine Crate" Table

I picked up this table a little while back and it needed a lot of work.  As always, I look for inspiration in so many different places, but just couldn't find anything that screamed at me.  I loved the fact that it is solid oak, so I decided to keep the top natural. 

After refinishing the top and giving the legs a couple of coats of black paint, I stood back and looked at it with a critical eye.  It just needed a little something else.  So, I hunted through The Graphics Fairy site and found this French wine graphic.
I transferred it onto the leaves using the freezer paper method.  I opted not to go over it with paint because I wanted it to resemble an old wine crate - and I love how this transfer method gives it a time-worned look.  The legs were given a slight distressing and I gave it several of coats of satin poly.
I like the fact that it's very subtle, but yet a little whimsy.  There are two plank bottom chairs hanging in the garage that will be painted black to go with it. 
This table will be available in our tent at the Lucketts Spring Market this month!

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