Jul 29, 2013

Make It Happen Monday!

Are you ready?  This is the first of my weekly posts I'm calling "Make It Happen Monday"! 
If you're like me, you have piles and piles of projects that get pushed back and never get done.  My garage is still packed full of projects, so I've decided that each Monday (the day that I find the hardest to get motivated) I will pick a "back pile" project and get 'er done!

This morning, I brought out a pair of Gone With the Wind lamps that I purchased several years ago.  They were in really rough shape and needed a lot of work.  I feared not because I knew they could be saved and made pretty again.
The necks were weak and didn't hold the globes very well.

They were icky and rusty, not to mention the nasty old dead bugs.

The bases were badly corroded.  This is definitely NOT the good kind of patina!

Dean did the hard work of taking the lamps apart so that I could clean every little inch. When I was all done with that, the first thing that needed my attention was the metal.  Luckily, Deep Creek Vintage now sells the perfect solution! 
Baroque Art Gilder's Paste! 

It went on incredibly easy, much like shoe polish....and it dried so fast and hard with no smudging!  I just used a sponge brush to apply and decided to leave some of the old patina shining through.

Just look at the difference it made!  I'm in love with this stuff!

We reassembled, tightened and rewired the lamps and voila! - a beautiful "new" pair of lamps!

I took these pictures before I added the chimneys. 
I hope this post will inspire you to make it happen!
See you tomorrow at Try It Tuesday!

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  1. Susan, these turned out gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!


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