Sep 22, 2013

No Paint Needed - A Gateleg Revival

When I recently found this beautiful solid mahogany dining set, I immediately fell in love with the classic lines and gorgeous warm tones.  As many of you may know, I have an affinity for the deep, rich glow of this wood.  
This before picture shows how versatile the set is.  Fold down the two large leaves, and you have an intimate set for two.  Open them up, and have seating for six!  The table had more than a bit of wear on the top (this picture was taken after I started sanding), so I chose to refinish it and simply clean, polish and recover the chairs.

Such beautiful grain!  There was no way I could paint this...
Look at the gorgeous scroll arms on the two captain chairs.
I chose to stay neutral with this fabulous candlewicked twill that I found at JoAnn's.
After some love and a lot of labor, this ca. mid 20th century set is radiant once again!  Constructed to last for years and years, it's extremely sturdy - unlike so much of the furniture manufactured today.

Lately, when I post painted furniture, I've been getting more and more negative feedback from purists on some of my pieces.  I hope this post will show those that are concerned that I really do love my wood, too.  I'm very careful about what I paint, and I limit pieces that I would refinish to avoid contact with the dangerous chemicals and the extra dust from sanding.  This one was the exception.
Now available in our room at Deep Creek Vintage!
'til next time!

Sep 20, 2013

Vintage Fall Market at Snow Creek Farm

This is the weekend that I anxiously await for all year long.  The Fall Market at Snow Creek Farm!  Autumn is my favorite time of the year, and this is the unofficial start of the season for me.
Donna Mcleod is the power force behind these phenomenal shows.  Using her family's home and farm as the backdrop, she temporarily transforms the rooms and grounds into a festive vintage and antique marketplace with her signature style and grace.  Her ability to stage and adorn every inch with eye-catching displays instantly brings on the ooohs and ahhhs as you walk through the door. 
You will usually see her around the foyer greeting and speaking with her customers, and then you'll notice her beautiful family graciously helping throughout.  There is not a time that I have been there that it was not packed with eager customers and I have never seen anyone leave empty-handed.  There is so much to look at and as I learned myself today, if you are not quick on the draw - you will lose something quickly.  However, I was able to make several other purchases and I will be back before the weekend is over!
There are so many other things to keep you entertained while there. Watching the wide array of chickens and the gorgeous peacocks out by the barn is a favorite and never gets old.  Plus, she always has a table full of yummy treats!
So, for those that are not as lucky as I am to be just a few miles down the road from this fabulous place, I share with you some pictures that I took today.  For those that are near, you have two more days!

Beyond these hedges, a spectacular world awaits!


You can visit Snow Creek Farm this Saturday and Sunday from 10-4 each day located at:
4355 Fredericksburg Turnpike
Woodford, VA  22580
If you cannot make her show, you can find her year 'round at Deep Creek Vintage located at 9110 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Fredericksburg, VA (where I am also located) and Through the Garden Gate Antiques in Mechanicsville, VA.

'Til next time!

Sep 19, 2013

Here's Your Sign - Farm Fresh Style

My surgery this past Friday put a huge damper on my project schedule both before and after.  For weeks, the pain I was having was affecting how much I could get done for the shop.  Even though my mind had plans, my body did not want to follow there my big projects still wait.
Fast forward...less than a week after surgery.  I now have just a little pain (no medicine today - YAY!)  However, I have lots of stitches and a girdle thingy, so I still can't lift anything for several weeks.
I had planned on doing a lot of sewing during the healing time, but there is a lot of bending around involved....I never really noticed that before....  My backup plan was to paint signs and that's what I've been doing.  I used to do custom signs in the store before we moved, but I haven't done any for a while - and I really had forgotten how much I loved doing them.

The theme I decided to go with in this batch is "Farm Fresh".  I love anything farm related...cows, pigs, name it!  There is something about fall that seems to bring the farm genre into decorating.

This one was inspired by Miss Mustard Seed's Dairy sign.  Perhaps not to her caliber, but I still like it!

My first try at painting apples....not too bad.....

I love using old castoff wood and scraps for signs.  Some of these are old pallet boards, while others are your standard Lowe's bought.  Especially with the farm theme, I feel that the rougher the wood, the better.

These will be heading to our room at Deep Creek Vintage tomorrow along with other goodies!  Now off to finish the "Peaches" sign!

'Til next time!

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Sep 9, 2013

Fall Chalkboard Art

I love anything fall and this cooler weather is giving me so much more energy than I've had all summer.  It's no question - my favorite time of the year.  It's the season that tips its hat to the upcoming holidays - adding to it so much excitement and anticipation.
Our schedule is now becoming hectic since we have so many shows coming up and we're busy doing more projects than ever before.  But, I love it!!  Especially the Christmas projects...hard to believe that's coming up so soon!
One quick little project that I completed last night is a straggler from my lot that I had for the Luckett's Spring Market in May.  I had a bunch of these cabinet doors from an old school for many years, and we finally pulled them out in the Spring so that I could make some use out of them.

I painted them as chalkboards and they all sold first thing on the first day.

 I did keep one for myself, but as with most things I keep, they almost always go to the shop for sale.  Cute and functional, but before it goes to our room....I just had to do a little artwork with chalk...

I found this wonderful design at Nest of Posies Blog.  I used it as a guide to free-hand and actually kind of love the way it turned out. 
I even added a little cup (an upside down bail pull) to hold the chalk!  Cute!


I think this household is thankful for the cooler weather on it's way.  Between baseball, outdoor work, and just plan being hot, it's been a miserable summer for me.
I know Tiger is extra glad that the dog days of summer are coming to an end!  I'm starting to see a little kick in his step this last week.  He's been really lazy this summer.

Hopefully, I'll finish the sofa from the last post soon.  I'm still looking for the perfect fabric and nothing is screaming at me...the drop cloth just looked too casual.  More on that later...but I still believe that it's going to be beautiful! (hopefully)
'Til next time!

Sep 2, 2013

From Ugly Duckling to Swan (Hopefully)

This week I've chosen a very challenging project to undertake.  I "rescued" this sofa from a friend of mine and although the upholstery is truly ugly, the piece itself is gorgeous!

(Pardon the messy basement!  We are in the process of finishing it...yay!)

Mahogany is my favorite wood by far and this sweet little diamond in the rough has the most beautiful mahogany carvings.  No wonder it was so easy for me to fall in love with it!  I've had quite a few Duncan Phyfe sofas over the years, and I think the details on this one is the best of them all.
Tiger totally photobombed this shot!
Look at this workmanship!
My plan is to restore the wood (yes, no paint! ;) and give it a relaxed slipcovered look by using creamy white drop cloth fabric. I'm pretty comfortable with doing the entire sofa - except for the cushions.  Luckily, there is someone I can take them to if I totally fail.  How hard can this be (as I say this tongue and cheek)?   At least the structure is solid, so all I have to do is cut and sew....
I'll post teasers on the FB page, so keep checking this week!  Hopefully it will only take me a few days... 
Wish me luck!!
'Til then,
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