Sep 22, 2013

No Paint Needed - A Gateleg Revival

When I recently found this beautiful solid mahogany dining set, I immediately fell in love with the classic lines and gorgeous warm tones.  As many of you may know, I have an affinity for the deep, rich glow of this wood.  
This before picture shows how versatile the set is.  Fold down the two large leaves, and you have an intimate set for two.  Open them up, and have seating for six!  The table had more than a bit of wear on the top (this picture was taken after I started sanding), so I chose to refinish it and simply clean, polish and recover the chairs.

Such beautiful grain!  There was no way I could paint this...
Look at the gorgeous scroll arms on the two captain chairs.
I chose to stay neutral with this fabulous candlewicked twill that I found at JoAnn's.
After some love and a lot of labor, this ca. mid 20th century set is radiant once again!  Constructed to last for years and years, it's extremely sturdy - unlike so much of the furniture manufactured today.

Lately, when I post painted furniture, I've been getting more and more negative feedback from purists on some of my pieces.  I hope this post will show those that are concerned that I really do love my wood, too.  I'm very careful about what I paint, and I limit pieces that I would refinish to avoid contact with the dangerous chemicals and the extra dust from sanding.  This one was the exception.
Now available in our room at Deep Creek Vintage!
'til next time!


  1. Your dining set is beautiful and I am so glad that you didn't paint it white. The chairs look stunning, You really did a wonderful job!

  2. It's beautiful! But I think it would have looked great painted as well :) That is the great thing about furniture you can always change it! :) I just love furniture! I sleep, breath and eat it! :) Have a great week :)

    1. This is true! Refinishing the top was a job...painting it would have been easier! I'm now chomping at the bit to find that perfect paintable piece now! :) Thank you and hope your week is great, too!

  3. That is amazing! Beautiful, beautiful!!

    1. Thank you! :) I'm hoping to have something to submit to you soon! I really want to paint something, now! :)

  4. Beautiful furniture set! I agree that these pieces are too beautiful and perfect to paint over. Love them as they are.

  5. The table is a very beautiful rich color! And just wanted to add I do like most of my wood furniture unpainted, but I'm not against painting something that has been around for a while and needs a facelift! I love your choice of the candlewicked twill too!


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