Nov 25, 2013

After The Vintage Home Market and More to Come!

We are some happy people after completing our second The Vintage Home Market Show in Richmond this past weekend.  I LOVE doing these shows.  We have such a good time with the other vendors that we have gotten to know, along with the FABULOUS promoters, Marc and Tony of Feathernesters! 
Coming in on the heels of Lucketts made this show a little bit of a challenge for me....but I do love a challenge.  Since we had to dig into our reserve stock to finish out that show, it put me way behind on inventory for this show. I worked day and night getting pieces ready and still didn't get as much done as I had wanted.   Nonetheless...we did very well and made some really good sales.  Did I mention that I LOVE doing this show?  When the crowds come in...they are some serious shoppers!
We were given a space in the middle which frightened me in the beginning...but now I want this to be THE spot from now on (or the type of spot if they move into the bigger building next time).  The flow was fabulous and with a few tweaks, I think we've got it!
Here are a few pictures of our booth:

We used our outdoor tent as a frame and draped burlap over and down it.  It turned out so pretty!  You can't tell from this picture, but the chandelier wears glitter which makes it sparkle in the light.
We have one more show this year!  We are proud to be part of A Vintage Frame of Mind in Courtland, VA on December 13-14.  I really need to get busy for that one!  I won't have as much Christmas theme going on since it will be really close to the holiday, so I'm working on some really cute year 'round things...and, of course, some more pieces of furniture!  I promise to share some sneak peek pics ahead of time!
Add to all of that, we'll be hosting our family's Thanksgiving dinner and then onto another business project next week.  More on that very soon!  I'll also be restocking, purging and fluffing our room at Deep Creek.  With all the shows going on, I haven't been able to work on it like I should.  Think we're busy enough?  We've also been accepted to participate in the Fredericksburg Flea (put on by the same promoters of the infamous DC Flea) in February. 

Like they say, "Moss never grows on a rolling stone."...or something like that. :)
'til next time!

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