Jan 21, 2014

Another Fabulously Chippy Milk Painted Dresser

I've said it so many times...I love milk paint.  There is just nothing better to use to get an authentic time-worn, chippy look.  This dresser became my latest "client" for a makeover.

It looks like it has pretty wood grain, but it was actually faux painted.  If it were in great shape, I would have polished it up and let her be, but there was so much damage. 
After applying Miss Mustard Seed's Boxwood and a wax job, she now has new life!
The good thing about the previous layers of paint is that it made for an excellent base for the milk paint.  As it did it's job in chipping, it also pulled off some of the layers, creating a wonderfully authentic look!  I didn't have to do anything other than lightly sand - it did all of this on its own.
I do love some shabby chippy!  Now available in our room at Deep Creek Vintage!
My assistant with this job was my right hand kitty man, Tiger. :)  Isn't he handsome?
'til next time!

Jan 8, 2014

Best of 2013 and New Beginnings!

2013 was a good year for Stone Creek in many ways.  We've taken some chances with the business and continue to grow and change.   
Throughout the year, I've completed some great projects, moved to a wonderful new location, met some fabulous new vendors and reconnected with some I have known.  I've enjoyed expanding my wings and trying new things.  Venturing out into the vintage market area has proven to be our favorite pastime these days. :)

Blogging is still a challenge for me, but as I did last year....one of my New Year's Resolutions was to do better!   It's always a little difficult for me to come up with fun and interesting things to blog about...so to kick off the year,  I'm going backwards and share with you my top five favorite posts of  2013.

The upcycled clock.  I just loved it!

This beautiful piece was done for the Luckett's Winter Market and sold to the sweetest lady!  Done in Milk Paint, I just love the way it turned out.  To see more and the picture of it in it's new home, go here.
A recent project, and a little out of my comfort zone, but I loved how she turned out!  It sold at the last show we just did. Check out the post here.
I just refinished this and it's already gone.  See....I don't paint everything! :)  I adore the wood on this and refurbishing this piece instead of painting was the only option to me. Check here for the before and after!
"Green with Envy" was by far the most popular to the followers and I have seen it all over Pinterest and blogland.  This is also my most favorite of the year!
Here's hoping that 2014 will bring us all joy and happiness!  My days will be changing dramatically on Monday when I start a new full-time job!  I haven't been in the office working world for several years and having to get up by an alarm clock is going to prove tough!  However, I am excited about the new opportunity....including a steady paycheck, benefits and retirement.  Oh....Stone Creek will continue!!  Now that the pressure is off to make a good living from the business...I can go back to enjoying it so much more....the stress will be gone. :)  I will still have plenty of time to create, do the shows and work my spaces since the job is not even a mile from my home and the hours are decent.  Weekends will be a whirlwind of activity...but it will be fun again.
Happy New Year, everyone!
'til next time!
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