Feb 28, 2014

Statement Chair and One Kings Lane's New Home Decor Resource Guide

When I was approached by One Kings Lane to do a feature post on a statement chair in our home that shows my style, I had a really tough time coming up with something that nails it.  Like most antique and repurpose dealers, the décor in our home is constantly changing (except for our "retail" sofa and recliners) and the pickings for "that" chair in our home are slim these days.  
So, instead, I went back into my archives to come up with something that I think shows what I truly love.  Comfort, style and a little rustic chic.

This chair, for example, was found in a not so acceptable condition.  I remember when I bought it at an auction for a song, everyone looked at me like I was crazy - including my hubby.  However, I knew all the parts were there and putting it back together was not going to be hard at all.
I glued it all back, painted it a creamy white and used a sage color burlap for the seat - adding that slight touch of rustic texture I love.  The most expensive part of the whole project was having to buy a piece of thick foam and paying someone sew a cover for it.  That was before I took my sewing machine out of the attic after 20+ years....  I even had a little footstool with similar legs that I recovered to match.

This picture was taken a couple of years ago with an older camera I had.  It's a bit grainy, but hopefully the beauty comes across.  It was oh so comfy and didn't last any time in our store.  It definitely goes down as one of those I wish I had kept.
If you are looking for inspiration for your statement chair or would love to find out some information about your favorite one, check out the new One Kings Lane's Home Décor Resource Guide for tons of ideas and information!  You can look up the styles, history and more in just a few clicks.  You may even find that perfect accent for your home!
'til next time! 

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