Feb 26, 2014

Little Rocking Chair Goes to the Beach

Flashback to the 60s....that was definitely what this little rocking chair was screaming.  It was missing all of the padding and trim that I know it must have had at some point, but I knew I could breathe new life into it.  What kind, I didn't know.

I had just purchased some American Paint Company paint in Voyager and suddenly got inspired.  I could see the soft blue alongside some burlap and a twine back.  Instant beachy chic!
After painting it and covering the seat with some foam and a piece of a feed sack, I used some burlap ribbon to make the ruffle.  By simply pulling a thread through, it gathered into a really nice ruffle (no sew!).  Some hot glue and a burnt finger later, I had the seat done! 
On to the back.  I had found some rushing in my stash that ended up being perfect.  As I had absolutely nothing else to do at 2 a.m. except watch TV, I weaved the rushing in and out until I got this.  Such a peaceful time, and I did get to catch up on some episodes of Rehab Addict.  :)

I finished this sweet little chair just before Dean got up to go to work.  He has learned that some of my "greatest" ideas come to fruition in the middle of the night...and admits that I am abnormally normal.  There is no better time of day for me to be inspired and creative.
So....here is what it looks like now!  A small, but such a cute project.  These chairs can be picked up so cheaply (wonder why?).  Another life saved!
I'd love to find more and do different themes.  So many ideas spinning around up there.
This chair is available in our space at Through the Garden Gate Antiques.
'til next time!

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  1. Very cute. Girl, you need to go to bed, though. LOL!


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