Apr 29, 2014

Coastal Chic Meets Funky Town Waterfall Nightstand

I had a lot of fun with this piece!  A funky little coastal piece.

Before you think that I painted a pristine piece, this is what I started with...

I had to remove a lot of veneer, so paint really was the only option.  Using a custom mix of various American Paint Company colors, I came up with a great turquoise color on top, layering other colors underneath. 
After painting, I "wet sanded" with a wet cloth taking paint off of the trim pieces (which are actually a sticker-like element) and showing some layers of colors.
I waxed with clear and dark wax to give it a toned-down finish.
No question in my mind, the original pulls had to stay!
It will make it's debut at The Vintage Home Market this weekend!

Apr 28, 2014

Rustic Chic Farm Coffee Table

We've all had it...the "uh-oh, why did I buy that" moment.  I actually bought this century old table for the top only.  Of course, I thought I could find the perfect legs to replace the lopsided cut-off ones it had, but I had no idea how expensive the chunky oak ones can cost.  So, there it sat in the garage for a couple of months just holding boxes. 

While I was hunting for items to take to the upcoming shows, I took another long hard look at it.  I knew that it could be turned into something....plus I REALLY needed to get it out of the garage.
Thanks to my wonderful and talented husband, he was able to cut the legs down level and to a coffee table height.  How perfect?
I sanded and stained the top, then finished with poly for durability.  The base was painted in milk paint and distressed to show the gorgeous detail that I fell in love with.  I still need to wax the apron and legs, but wanted to take pictures in the sun before I brought it in.  The wax will bring it out even more.
See those beautiful pressed designs?
This table would be perfect in a coastal, shabby, French or farmhouse chic room.  It is so rustic and cute!

Love those legs!

If the new owner wants to convert it back into a dining table, it can be easily done with the right legs.  However, I think this makes the perfect family room entertainment zone!
This will also be available at The Vintage Home Market next weekend!

Apr 27, 2014

A Little French Provincial

We took full advantage of this absolutely gorgeous weekend and knocked out a lot of projects for our upcoming markets!  This one is probably my favorite so far.
I can't believe that I didn't take a before picture of this....but just imagine it all in Early American wood stain.  Boring....  The curves screamed for help.

I knew I wanted to paint it a French grey, but I only had it in milk paint and I didn't want this to be a chippy piece (and I'm not a fan of bonding agent).  Instead of buying custom paint, I tried my hand at mixing a bunch of colors together and came up with this gorgeous substitute.  
I refinished the top and love the contrast with the paint.  I also added some white detailing and just a little bit of distressing to show the curves off even more.
This little beauty will be available at The Vintage Home Market next weekend!
'til next time!

Apr 25, 2014

The 1980s Called...Updating an Outdated Console Table

I recently found this sweet console table and immediately fell in love with it's curves and carvings, though the 1980s finish needed some updating to make her even more beautiful.

Since I'm following a bit of a coastal theme for our booth at The Vintage Home Market next weekend, I chose a really pretty soft, almost sea-foamy green.  I used Liberty from American Paint Company for the base, and accented it with and mix of Uncle Sam and Navajo White.
I'm not going to lie...it has taken me a little bit of time to get used to using this paint, but I have grown to love it! It is a really thick paint, but the more I use it, the better I get.  It sands like a dream and their wax is the best I have ever used.
Look at that detail!
I really like that this has shelves and especially love the mesh door!

I adore her!
Perfect for a bedside table or even in the bathroom holding towels.
She'll be available next weekend at The Vintage Home Market in Richmond, Virginia!  More previews to come this week!

Apr 6, 2014

I'm Still Here and More to Come...

Wow...time sure does pass by fast!  It's been over a month since I posted and reflecting back over the last several weeks does nothing but make me tired.

Between taking care of three spaces all located no less than 25 miles from my house and each at different points of the compass, I find my days are usually on the road or frantically getting things ready to take to the next place.  Not to mention that we have two huge Markets to get ready for next month.  Whewwwww....what was I thinking??

To add to that, my poor sweet hubby was out of work for a couple of weeks with a serious pinched nerve and was not able to do anything.  I felt so sorry for him, but couldn't help feeling totally helpless without him on the other end helping me move the big stuff.  Luckily, he's getting treatment for it and has gone back to work...but he still has to be careful. 

And the weather.....let's not forgot that horrid weather we've had over the last month!!!  I can only do so much in the house and am thankful that the sun was shining this week and I was able to get some projects done - or at least started.

One of those is this adorable table that I picked up.  A 1940s or 50s table with a butterfly leaf and four really fun chairs. 


And look at these cute chairs!

There are four of them....one didn't get the memo for the photo shoot.

My vision for this set is something that is fun, sea worn and beach cottage worthy. These chairs are perfect for a little dressing up....some kind of graphic on each of the backs and I already have the fabric picked out...an old feed sack.  Perfect in color and texture.  I plan to make the leaf pop with color...still thinking on that one....

The table already has two coats of paint, but it's on hold right now while I finish a few things for the booths.  I hope to get the entire set finished this week....and then it'll be heading to the
Vintage Home Market next month!

If you are close to Richmond, Virginia, this show is full of great vendors and fun!  One of my most favorites to do and I really love the promoters!  They go up and beyond to make this show spectacular.

Just a mere two weeks following, we'll be heading to the infamous Lucketts Spring Market.  They will be a frantic two weeks....

I promise to post sneak peeks throughout the month!  We have a trailer full of "project pieces" ready to get all purdy for the shows. :)

In between all of the business stuff, we get to enjoy watching both of our grandsons play baseball.  Ohhhhh, how I love this time of year!

'til next time!
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