Apr 29, 2014

Coastal Chic Meets Funky Town Waterfall Nightstand

I had a lot of fun with this piece!  A funky little coastal piece.

Before you think that I painted a pristine piece, this is what I started with...

I had to remove a lot of veneer, so paint really was the only option.  Using a custom mix of various American Paint Company colors, I came up with a great turquoise color on top, layering other colors underneath. 
After painting, I "wet sanded" with a wet cloth taking paint off of the trim pieces (which are actually a sticker-like element) and showing some layers of colors.
I waxed with clear and dark wax to give it a toned-down finish.
No question in my mind, the original pulls had to stay!
It will make it's debut at The Vintage Home Market this weekend!

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