Jun 9, 2014

The Little Black Nightstand and a Review of General Finishes Milk Paint

I'm in love.....with a new Milk Paint!  Well, it's new to me.  About a week ago, I was sent some samples from General Finishes .  I received their water based milk paint in Lamp Black and Somerset Gold, along with the High Performance flat top coat.
I have a few pieces that I am going to use these on, but the first volunteer was this sweet nightstand that had definitely seen better days.  It used to be part of a vanity that had been crudely cut off.  The top was beyond repair, but luckily, I had been saving a little crooked table for a rainy day...and we were able to use it's top to replace it!  I guess sometimes it really does "might come in"!

I knew exactly what I wanted to do, so I chose the Lamp Black for this project.  Let me just say....I have NEVER used a paint that went on as smooth as this one!  It actually reminds me of an oil paint, but without the sticky mess.  I LOVED how it went on so smooth that you can still see the wood grain.  I could have ended with one coat, but I decided to go ahead and give it two.  I also detailed it with some silver acrylic paint for the tattered Hollywood glam I was going for.

Here she is all dressed up.

I added some bling to the drawers with mercury knobs from Hobby Lobby...

...and lined the drawers with this pretty contact paper.

I gave it some distressing along with a couple of coats of the General Finishes High Performance flat top coat.  It is not like your typical powder milk paint and sanding takes a little more effort, but so worth it.  There is a lot more control in where you want the wood to show.  The top coat went on like a dream with the sponge brush they sent!

 See the wood grain?

What a difference General Finishes Milk Paint made on this little table...and I had so much fun doing it!  I also want to add that this table barely made a dent in the paint.  It took about an inch into the can to complete this project.

I absolutely LOVE this paint and it is now at the very top of my list of favorites!!!  I'll be pulling out a dresser tomorrow that will get the royal treatment with the Somerset Gold.  I can't wait!!!

'til next time!


  1. Compared to their dead flat, matte finish varnish, how does just "flat" compare?
    I've been using an exterior paint base (no tint) for a flat finish. Inexpensive, incredibly durable and so flat/matte I have to use something to know where I've already finished it.
    I've been considering the dead flat, matte finish, but now there's a monkey wrench in the mix. Just 'flat!'

    1. This is the first project where I've used any of the General Finishes products, so I have nothing to compare to....yet. I have another piece in the works, but I plan to use the flat on that, as well. I hope to expand into their product line soon!


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