Sep 18, 2014

Fall Is In the Air! Lucketts Flea Market and an Open House.

Autumn is my MOST favorite time of the year!  The weather is starting to get cooler, the leaves are starting to change and the endless variety of Pumpkin Spice everything is amazing!  I've loved this season since I was a young girl...getting back into the routine of school, football games and hanging with friends after classes was what I longed for every summer (I was one of those weird ones. :) That part's all changed, but now I have our wedding anniversary in October to look forward to, the annual family trip to the mountains and the holidays close on its heels.

To kick off the season this year, we did our first Lucketts Flea Market at the Old Lucketts Store and Design House a couple of weeks ago.  These are smaller than the Spring Markets held there in May, but still SO much fun!  I have a blast putting together displays for shows and this one was no exception.  With this one, I focused on fall decor and colors. 

I used white as the base color...

...then added pops of color throughout to draw the eye in.

We brought in some great vintage finds...

and fluffed with handmade decor.

I adore these old church seats!

These pictures were taken on the 2nd day and for some reason, I didn't get a wide shot of the space.  One of these days I'll get it all together. :)  We had an awesome weekend regardless of the extreme heat (almost 100 on Friday).  We also made some new friends and can't wait for the next one in November!

This past weekend was the Fall Open House at Through the Garden Gate Antiques.  We sold a lot at the market; however, I managed to whip up a few other things for the Open House like this sweet burlap and drop cloth rose grapevine wreath.

The Minnie Pearl shot...

I brought in some Boo Y'all burlap pillows - which sold out at the Market.

And more burlap pumpkins and wreaths.

I think this will be the last burlap wreath of the season.  My mom grabbed the last one right before the open house, so I stayed up all night making this one...along with a couple of blisters.

The cooler air is starting to put an extra spring in my step and bringing along with it some self motivation I haven't felt in a while.  Yay! We have a lot planned over the next few months, along with Fall Ball and Soccer with the grandsons.  I really love this time of year!!

'til next time!

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