Jan 12, 2015

Basement Update and a Buffet Makeover

Happy Monday!  I wanted to give you a quick update on the basement reno and a peek at what I've been working on.

It hasn't been going a quick as I had hoped....however, I did get the walls painted and went shopping for supplies to finish it up this weekend (I hope!).  At first, I had planned to paint the floor, but we decided to go with carpet instead to insulate it a little better.  We SCORED big time at Lowe's with a very large remnant in the most perfect color for $104!!!!!  It's a nice quality and will cover most of the floor.  The padding was also a remnant and super cheap.  What the carpet doesn't cover, we'll tile the back corner where the treadmill is - and then carry it into the laundry room for the next phase.  Luckily, we've lived with the basement for over five years and know it's good and dry (knock on wood).  

What I did accomplish was transforming this gorgeous buffet - FINALLY!  It's been sitting in the basement for over two years because after we struggled to get it in there, we decided that it will never be moved again!  It is extremely HEAVY and solid.  However, this was a huge score at an auction and we paid very little for it.  Seriously.  Can you believe only $27.50?  Really!

Here are a few pictures.  It's not staged all pretty yet...I'm waiting to finish the room before the final reveal. :)  The TV has now been moved above it, but I have some concealing of the wires and boxes to do.

I painted it using General Finishes Milk Paint in Antique White.  I absolutely love that paint!

Look at the details!

This is how it started out.  I did love the wood, but it just didn't fit the decor I'm going with in the room.   I have mahogany all over the house, and this is the one room I want light and bright.

This was what it looked like when I was finished...but I didn't like the drawers showing through, so I took some fabric I had and lined the backs of the doors.  You can see the first coat of the color on the wall behind it.

Voila!  Much better!

I have a HUGE bolt of that fabric and it will be seen quite a bit throughout the room...

Here's the carpet!  I should have taken a picture of us carting this through the store...and squeeeeeezing it into our Explorer.

Dean has a four day weekend this week and we are going to knock it out!  We had the grandsons this past weekend and didn't get the chance to work on it much....and priorities are always with the family!  :)

'til next time!

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