Jan 17, 2015

Little Boy Silhouette Makes Us A Pair

I am so excited to share my latest project with you.  I made my own silhouette!

Silhouettes have always been a favorite of mine since I was a little girl.  I can still remember visiting with my cousin, Laura Ann, and the times that we would make them of each other using a lamp and a dark room. When I ran across this little girl silhouette over the summer, I immediately recognized an uncanny resemblance to me and wondered if it could be....but, I'm pretty sure that this was not done by the hands of seven year old.  :)

Ever since, I've been trying to find a little boy similar to her to represent my better half, but was unsuccessful....so the only thing that made sense was to make my own.

There are no profile pictures of Dean as a young boy (that we could find) - so, I used the next best thing.  Our grandson, Jordan, who is a little version of him.  I took a picture of both of them from the side so that I could compare as I went along.

I "posterized" that using BlockPosters.com, then the tricky part was getting it to the size right.  I also tried to emulate the style of the girl so that the boy would be a proper match.  This part wasn't the typical print and cut because I had to adjust a little here and little there.

I first used black poster board, but didn't like it because it showed white on the edges, so I found some over-sized construction paper at Jo-Ann's.  It worked much better.  While trying to remove the original girl from her paper, I found that she has become very brittle.  Instead of risking further damage, I just traced and cut out a new one of her from construction paper - then used a few pieces of tape to adhere them both to 16x20 sheets of posterboard.  After that, I framed them in a beautiful pair of frames that I also found at Jo-Ann's for 50% off - plus a 15% off coupon ($20.00 for the pair!).

I absolutely LOVE them!

I added my handmade pillows to the bed to complete the story.

I really think that they turned out super cute and will definitely be hanging above the bed for a while.  Now I'm secretly hoping that these will become family heirlooms.  :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Nice job!! It looks great and I especially LOVE the pillows :-)


    1. Thank you so much! I'll be doing a post on the pillows soon along with some Valentine ideas. :)

    2. Can't wait for the post on the pillows!!


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