Jan 31, 2015

Little Table Meets Bond.....Bondo That Is....

I'm loving the fact that I finally have some extra time to get projects done around the house.
This little table was one of them.

It's been sitting in our guest bedroom as a nightstand for years waiting for some TLC.  Other 
than a bad finish and a big chunk of the "pie crust" trim missing, it's in pretty good condition.

I could have had a woodworker make a replacement piece for the trim, but that would probably cost more than this little table is worth....so what did I do?  I pulled out the ole' Bondo to sculpt a new section.

Bondo is an automotive body filler, but I have seen Bondo for wood.  I haven't used that one, yet...but I am sure it's probably just as good.  The only complaint that I have is that it has a really strong smell.  Regardless, I LOVE this stuff and have done some pretty amazing restorations with it.  

It's a two-parter...the base gets mixed with a hardener.  Once mixed, there are only a very few minutes to work with it before it starts to harden.

After I roughed the area on the table with sandpaper, I slapped it on quickly.  Overkill is o.k. since it 
sands very easily and there really isn't much time to be neat.

I actually put a second layer on after this hardened to build it up.

Next was some sanding....and sanding....and a little more sanding.

...and some sculpting with a little more patching.  Then a little more sanding and sculpting.

I basically used what I had to shape it - including my fingernails.  Getting the lines straight was the most difficult part, and I literally did some of this with my eyes closed focusing on the curves with my touch.

This is what I ended up with.  I will probably do a little more carving before I paint, but I think it looks pretty darn good!  Paint will be going on tomorrow (before the Superbowl, of course!) and I'll share the after with you then. 

NOTE:  This is not a paid promotion....I genuinely use this product a lot.

'til next time!

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