Feb 23, 2015

My Weekend Finds - More For Lucketts!

I didn't get to do a lot of shopping this weekend, but I did find a great antique oak drop leaf table.  I'm a sucker for oak, and this one is solid wood.

I also find it hard to pass up a good ladder back chair like this one.  It's in great condition, but I'll probably transform it with a little paint.

When the leaves are up, it actually forms an oval instead of round.  I love that!  The swing arms are made of pot metal - another great detail!

And look at those fluted legs!

I can honestly say that this table will not see any paint!  At least not from me.  All I had to do was clean it a little and wipe it down with some good ole' orange oil.  Now it shines and looks fabulous!  Especially with the old marks and patina.

This will be heading to Lucketts in May.  Believe me, it's hard not to keep it. :)

'til next time!


  1. Susan, I really miss Lucketts antique market since we moved to Florida. The table and chair are both wonderful and the wood is beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Sherry! I started my business dealing in pure antiques, and I always find myself drawn back to the rich woods. I love Lucketts and am truly lucky to have become a dealer there for the Spring Markets!


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