Feb 13, 2015

Ready for Spring and a Little Treasure Hunt

I'm literally going stir crazy!  We were teased last weekend with nice weather, only to return to the bitter cold quickly.  

I'm itching to get my hands on a big furniture project and because I'm a wimp when it comes to cold weather, not much is getting done right now.  The basement is too nice to work in since the makeover and the garage is not heated.  I've even put the dining room out of commission since I'm still cleaning up splatters of paint off of the hardwood floors from years of bringing my projects inside.  Shame, shame on me.

To help a little bit with my cold weather woes, I did get to go out on a little hunt last weekend and picked up a few things for the Lucketts Spring Market in May.

I am a sucker for antique children's chairs and was excited to find this pair of old bowbacks.  They each need a little work...and may get some paint....

Our daughter was a star softball player in school and now our grandsons are standouts in baseball - so I'm a Baseball Nana/former Softball Mom.  I love anything related to those sports!  Look at this cool old glove I found!

Can you imagine the stories?

Yup, I see a sports theme on this outing since I also can't pass up vintage racquets.  There are so many uses for them - but I really like displaying as they are.  Love them!

Here's a close-up of the racquet and press.  It just needs a little cleaning.

The plate rack just needs a little paint and some rubber feet.  I'm not quite sure where it'll end up...but I am thinking that it will be perfect to display some of our smaller pick-up items at the show.

Tomorrow promises to be close to 50 and sunny...so I'm hoping we can get out and do a little more junk hunting.  May is only 3 months away!!   YIKES!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Weekend!

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