Aug 2, 2015

Sharing Some Big News - MMS Milk Paint and a Storefront!!

I know that I have been MIA on my blog and other social media lately, but this has been a busy time for us....and boy, have we had a lot happen this past week!

I've been hinting for a while that big things were happening for Stone Creek....well, here we go!  I can finally let the cat out of the bag!

When we were doing the Lucketts Spring Market back in May, I left Dean alone to man the tent for a bit while I took a short break.  When I came back, he said that we had a visit from Jeff Parsons (yes, Marian's husband!).  I had finished a lot of pieces using their Milk Paint and he noticed.  He brought Marian back to our tent a little later to discuss with us about possibly selling Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint! 

At first, I wasn't sure.  We are in an antique mall and I know it really is better to be in a location where someone is available at all times to discuss the products with the customers and answer any questions.  Not wanting to pass up a great opportunity, though, I submitted the retailer application soon after.  Marian has been quite busy this summer, so I just got the final-final word this past weekend!  We are official!!  :)  I'll be ordering products this week and hope to have them in ASAP.  

Back to the antique mall location.  There are so many positives about renting a booth.  The biggest perk is that you don't have to man your booth all of the time.  However, since I knew I was going to be a Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint Retailer, it was understood that I would have to spend a lot more of my time there.  

Then I thought......if I HAVE to stay at the shop all day, wouldn't it make more sense to be in my own shop?  I would have a lot more to keep me busy and expand the business at the same time.  Hmmmmmmm......on to the next...  

Since we closed our storefront almost three years ago, we've been pretty much bouncing around from mall to mall. Though we've been in some really good locations, it has never felt exactly right.  A booth is so limiting, in my opinion, in space, customer interaction, revenue and a control of your environment.  Running a storefront involves really long hours and a LOT of work, but there is a strong sense of accomplishment and pride when you look around and see what your own two hands have done.  Of course, in our case, it's four hands!  Dean is my partner in everything!

Soooooo.......drum roll, please.......we signed a lease this weekend!!!  Just a few blocks down from the antique mall, it's a GORGEOUS building built in 1782 located on Caroline Street in the beautiful and very historic city of Fredericksburg, Virginia.   I have a LOT of work to do and a list of permits, city approvals, etc. etc. to get.... but we hope to open the first weekend of September!

We have around 2600 square feet which includes the main floor and a very, very cool walkout basement with exposed brick and all.  This is where our classroom will be and more retail space.  We even have use of the deck and courtyard!  This couldn't be more perfect for us and I cannot wait to get in there and do my thing!!  It's has soooo much character and just needs some cleaning, painting and oh yes....lots of decorating!!  

Here are a few sneak peeks!

 Looking in through the three rooms on the main floor from the front door.  I'm not a huge fan of track lighting, but it does give the room a lot of light.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have to have light in my space.  We'll accent with lamps and swag chandeliers, so it will look wonderful.  Look at those centuries old pine floors!

The studio!  See the original brick wall of the original building before an addition was added?  We will be adding more lighting (of course) and lots of goodies and fun decor!  I plan to bring in a large farm table as the work surface.  This room also has two huge windows looking out into the courtyard and is just one of the three rooms downstairs.  I'm not going to lie...the very back room scares me a little. :)  Caroline Street is supposedly very haunted - but I need that room for a work area and storage, so I have to get over it!

Here's the courtyard looking down from the deck.  They just cleaned out all of the debris and weeds, so it does need some prettying up. :)

Can you see the potential?  I sure can!!  I'll be knee deep in projects and will share every step.

Lots more coming!!

'til next time!


  1. Congrats. Let me know when it opens so I can come see you!

  2. Woo Hoo! Congrats!!!

    Tracey told me!!! Please remember that Tracey are always available to help you guys with anything we can! Don't be shy in asking!


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